“At the end of the day, real estate is about taking care of people”.

Curtis Key has embraced success since the start of his first business. Named after his father, the name Curtis Key is recognized as a pillar in real estate development. Curtis prides himself in delivering a 100% commitment to everything he does. Outside of the office Curtis enjoys spending time with his family, riding his bicycle, producing music and working on classic cars. As a proud member of Boston Luxe, Curtis looks forward to putting his experience to work for you for an unparalleled experience in renting, buying, selling your home.

As part of the Boston Luxe family, we represent a new step for the Boston real estate market away from the the chaotic unregulated system that is Craigslist. So step through into real pictures, real addresses, and real apartments all backed by two guarantees: competence and integrity.

Curtis currently holds a real estate license in Massachusetts and Virginia.